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The series covers 7 different topics about plastics, all which include one infographic to be printed in the publication, as well as an animated video. These materials are created to help teach students about plastics.





We developed and presented 3 different styleframes to present to the client. From here, we established a style that would be consistently used across all materials.

We felt this style it was friendly, fun and versatile.
Here was a more modern, clean-looking style.
Also modern, with different colour options.

Learning Package 1:
7 Types of Plastic

Ever wondered what those numbers on plastic products mean and if they are recyclable? The first package explains just this! I had the opportunity to design the illustrations for the publication and the animated video.

The September/October 2019 issue of Canadian Geographic includes the infographic illustrated by Simple Story. It was so exciting getting the opportunity to work on this project.

This is an ongoing project. I will make sure to update this page as new packages are released!

Visit to learn more about how you can make a change to reduce your plastic footprint.

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