Web Design

April 2018 - Ongoing

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with the Ottawa mHealth Lab team creating various applications for healthcare. Our main project is CANImmunize, a digital vaccination record tool for Canadians.

Web Client

When I joined the team, the primary project was the web version of the already existant CANImmunize application. They were unhappy with the product at the time and asked me to come up with new designs. We landed on this one.

Mockup of CANImmunize app on computer, tablet and mobile phone.
CANImmunize is available for the web, and as a mobile application.


One of the first things I noticed when I started working on CANImmunize, was that all the icons were different. I later learned that they were all stock icons. This had to be changed.

I desperately wanted to design new fresh icons with an estalished look, but with all the work that had to be done, it just wasn't in the books time wise. Later on as I was designing icons for another project, it became apparent that I really enjoyed making them, so I got the go ahead to create some for CANImmunize.

Icon colour palette.

I started by establishing a colour palette that was fun. CANImmunize's brand already had a blue, yellow and red so I decided to keep these colours. I added another tone of blue and a new green to give more options when designing new things.

Originally, I was using at outlined style, but after some discussion with coworkers, we determined the material style was the way to go. Here's a look at the icons.

CANImmunize icons.

After designing a few icons, I realized some ideas were being repeated but meant slightly different things. For example, Profile was being used, but we also needed a New Profile. That's when I developed these sort of modifiers that could be added to any icon to change its meaning.

CANImmunize icons with modifiers.

We are still developing this project that us currently in the Beta Testing phase. It is scheduled to officialy launch at the end of November. Create your account at www.canimmunize.ca or download the app for iOS or Android

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