The type of work presented is varied: from application design to marketing materials to illustrations. Here is a glimpse at some of the projects completed.




An overview of the CANImmunize platform and the newly designed home page for the Web Application.

Here's a look at some of my favourite marketing materials I had the opportunity to design.

Posters created to promote the CANImmunize application at Ottawa Public Health locations. Multiple iterations of the design were created to target various groups.

This campaign encouraged post-secondary students to track their vaccinations using the CANImmunize application. The post features a desk including elements students might find in their own space, as well as bright colours to target the audience effectively.

Left: Posters and TV advertisements that were featured around the college. Right: The design repurposed for social media.

I was tasked to create a simple ad to be included in an email newsletter. The team wanted the design to stand out from the rest of the page, so we opted for brighter colours.

I designed an email to educate parents and students on the Meningitis vaccine, working closely with the marketing team.

The following pieces were created for the launch of the CANImmunize Web Application. It was important to explain how the application worked and share what the future held for the platform.

Establishing a cohesive style for the materials was key. It was decided that the style from the icons I had created previously was to be used (view those icons here).

You can view the final video here!

Here are just a few of the illustrations created for the video!

The video was then designed into a one page infographic for people to take home at the end of the launch. We then created social media posts based on the infographic.

When I first arrived, CANImmunize's icons were sourced from many places so there was no consistency. I made it my mission to develop a branded icon look to use in all applications.