Creative Mornings Ottawa


The CM Ottawa team approached me to create a custom lettering piece that would be printed on merchandise to help raise funds for the event. Seeing as it is 100% free and the organizers give their time to plan awesome events every month, I was so happy and honoured to be able to help in any way that I could.




The CM team wanted the final lettering piece to be simple and whimsical. It was meant to be printed on various products to help raise funds for the events, so it had to be versatile. I started by sketching a few different designs.

The process was very quick! When I presented the first iteration to the team, they immediately decided to go forward with the design. I went ahead and created the vector version!

Every event serves coffee and breakfast so they encourage guests to bring reusable mugs to reduce waste. It was only fitting that the design be printed on mugs first! Now people can purchase and use their Ottawa is Creative mug every month. Take a look below!

Meet the Illustrator

Originally the team offered to put my credit on the piece itself, but I felt it took away from the design! Instead, they created this card that was distributed with the mug. They turned out so nicely and I'm so thankful they did this!

I am still very honoured every time I see someone drink coffee out of one of these mugs! It's awesome to be part of an amazing community of creatives.

You can pick one up at the next Creative Morning Ottawa event for $15. All proceeds go directly back into Creative Mornings. To find out when the next event is taking place, visit