Parkinson's Network

Web Design | UI UX

I branded and designed a web application for Parkinson's patients to track their symptoms in order to make more time for valuable conversation during their appointments. Physicians found that they were spending too much time filling in paperwork during visits and they needed a solution.



I began with establishing a bright colour palette for the brand. After some research, I discovered that Parkinson's national symbol is the red tulip, therefore a bright and inviting red seemed fitting for this brand. I then added a few more neutral colours to compliment the primary one.


My favourite part of any project: icons. I opted for a detailed, linear style.

The website's home page is kept very clean so information and resources are easily accessible.

The login pages were designed to reprent both physicians and patients. It is also very easy to switch between each page.


Next were the portals. It was important to design for both patient and physician. I created a portal where patients can easily track their symptoms and complete assessments, that way when they visit their physician, the time can be spent discussing the important issues and not doing paperwork.