Project Big Life

Illustration | UI UX

I had the opportunity to develop PBL’s illustration style from scratch. But how do you deal with such a heavy subject matter? These calculators output results about your health, so it was very important the information be presented in an approachable manner. We wanted to encourage users to complete the assessments. So I got to creating!




My first order of business was to establish a style. I wanted the look to be bubbly, fun and eye catching to distract people from the heaviness of these algorithms.

Since illustrations would be found in every aspect of the project, I established a vast, bright colour palette to make sure we never ran out of options.

I decided to start off with the more simpler items to establish a cohesive style and explore the colours I had chosen. These are the icons developed that are used in the questionnaire.

Each calculator has its own splash landing page where the illustration is the main focus. For the Life Expectancy calculator, we explored the idea of the journey of life and the ups and downs we face.

The RESPECT calculator calculates your risk of death if you are in end of life. This is a primary example of making sure the illustration creates a positive experience.


The actual survey itself was looking pretty bland - we decided to spruce it up by adding some images to guide the user along the way.

The PBL team was really loving where these illustrations were headed. They wanted to incorporate more of them in all aspects of the project so we decided to add colour to the newsletter with branded illustrations.

I remember when I first found out about this project, and the first thing I thought was Wow! I'm so happy I don't have to create all these illustrations, I could never do it. It looked so daunting to me and nearly impossible.

But then they asked me to do it. I got overwhelmed, but then just seperated the project into smaller tasks and didn't start with the big stuff. Yeah, I deleted and restarted and probably skipped a few steps, but I did it and it became my favourite project I've done.

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