When WattIQ approached us, they didn't have a clear look and feel for their brand. Using their existing logo and brand colours, I proposed and developed various cohesive materials to elevate their brand presence!


Simple Story




October 2020 - March 2020


Stationery | Presentation Slides | Illustration


Using the existing logo, I helped create simple business cards and letterheads for the client.

WattIQ buiness cards featuring their logo. Mockup of WattIQ's letterhead.


The client wanted to enhance their brand presence accross all their platforms. I designed a few LinkedIn banners employees can use on their personal pages.

Linkedin banner design featuring shapes and the text 'Let WattIQ power you asset intelligence'. Linkedin banner design featuring shapes and the text 'Let WattIQ power you asset intelligence'.

Presentation Slides

The client frequently gave presentations to various audiences so it was important to be proffesional and in line with their brand. I developed various slide templates to accomodate different types of information that can be adapted for any presentation!

Collage of branded power point templates developed for the client.


An important tool to explain their complex product is explainer videos. Working closely with the Creative Director, we developed an illustration style that feels part of the brand and is highly adaptable for any kind of future video project!

Illustration of a city with a building in the centre.
Illustration of the front of the building removed revealing freezers and machines inside.
Illustration of the lab with scientist working.
Illustration of a phone on a nightstand with the word Alert written on it.
Illustration of a freezer with multiple words around it: Temperature, Health and Open.
Illustration of many shapes, temperatures and icons floating.

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