Youthfully Branding

A freelance client approached me needing help with brand and web design. After discussing his company and vision, I proposed & developed a full brand package including logo, social media assets, branding guidelines and website mockups.






April 2021 - August 2021


Logo Design | Branding Guildelines | Web Design


Youthfully's logo represents the full-student coaching approach they provide, meaning they help students in all aspects of their life! The logo is availabl in many different colours and variations to ensure there is a solution for every situation!

Logo variations for Youthfully: the letter 'Y' in a circle with the wordmark. Vertical logo variations of the Youthfully logo.
Examples of logo applied on a tote bag, mug and notebook cover.
Graphics of shapes used in the brand, such as circles, triangles and squares. Graphic pattern made of circles. Graphic pattern of the brand shapes.

Shapes are used throughout the materials as visual elements that help visually identify the brand. Using these shapes, I created 2 different patterns that are available for use.

Branding Guildelines

The branding guidelines provide guidance on every aspect of the brand: logo usage, colours, fonts and typography hierarchy, visuals elements, photography and applications!

Collage of pages of the brand guidelines.

When discussing website goals with the client, they mentioned the importance of appealing to both student and parent audiences. We opted for a fun and clean look, using the different shapes and authentic photography defined in the guidelines. Once the designs were approved, I prepared all the files to be handed off to the developer

Home page of the website on a laptop and cell phone.
Website pages arranged in a collage.

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