The High Desert Sonnets

Event Branding | Print Materials | Web Design

The client had spent 1 month in the New Mexico desert writting sonnets. When he came home, he approached Simple Story to help with the creation of videos and branding for the project to eventually share his work and story with family and friends.




The primary imagery for this brand was greatly inspired by the desert and notable elements from the client's journey. I started by creating a logo that would work accross all materials. The words were manipulated to emulate the desert dunes and mountains.

The team decided to create two event posters. The first design features the desert within the silhouette of the poet, keeping in mind the warm and rugged style. The second focuses on an important area for the poet: the bench he would frequent every morning during his journey.

A look at the roll up banner placed at the venue during the event.

Here's a look at the playbill I designed for the evening. Each page features artwork from the sonnet's video. Having the titles and backgrounds treated similarly created a consistent feel throughout despite the different art styles.


Once the event was over, the client wanted guests to be able to have access to the videos and poetry. Therefore, I designed this website which included all of the pieces and their backstory for guests to revisit anytime.

Visit Live Website

It was amazing to see the designs in the wild that night at the National Arts Centre! I also had the opportunity to design the illustrations for a few of the sonnet videos. Stay tuned for my favourite's case study!